Appello alla Nazione

March 30, 2006

Scrivo questo messaggio in italiano, contrariamente alla politica del blog, perché mi piacerebbe che questo appello fosse accolto da tutti quelli che domenica e lunedi andranno a votare per il futuro dell'Italia. Vorrei che tutti, prima di andare a votare, guardassero questo video…riflettessero un momento…e dopo, solo dopo, prendessero la loro decisione.

La stampa internazionale ormai ci ride in faccia…il nostro presidente del consiglio è la vergogna del nostro paese…troppi dubbi sulla sua persona…e questi basterebbero perché lui si dimetta…ma visto che lui non lo fa…madiamolo a casa noi!!!

Un video denuncia l'evidenza…un video che lascia senza parole…un video che oltrepassa le verità della televisione perché alla televisione non passerà!!!

Quando c'era Silvio (clicca qui per vedere il video)

Mettetevi accanto ai vostri genitori, nonni, zii, amici e nemici e mostrate l'immagine del Paese sui media (internet e stampa estera) non controllati dal potere.

C'è bisogno che ognuno di voi passi parola…bisogna formare una catena…come una catena di S. Antanio…ne fate tante di ste cazzo di catene…per una volta spedite un messaggio che serve a qualcosa….fate arrivare queste parole…e soprattutto queste immagini il più lontano possibile.


Per chi volesse approfondire ci sta un'altra video interesante (oltre a tutti i link che potete trovare su questo blog)…lo spettacolo teatrale di un leader politico un po anomalo: Nando Dalla chiesa e il suo spettacolo "Vota Silviolo". (clicca qui per vedere il video)

Silviolo è l’eroe di un’Italia vera ma apparentemente inverosimile, il paradosso che si fa realtà…una cultura di governo che centrifugano senza sosta marketing e consumo sfarzoso, spirito boccaccesco e culto dell’immagine, anarchia e autoritarismo, ossessioni mentali e linguaggio caricaturale. Anche se alcuni personaggi della storia sono frutto della fantasia, si può tranquillamente dire che i riferimenti a fatti effettivamente accaduti non sono puramente casuali.

NB: i link con i video fanno riferimento ad Welcome to Arcoiris Web TV, una televisione accessibile gratuitamente da Internet.



How the Boss of Bosses might report the Mafia’s revival

March 22, 2006

The Economist, 4 march 2004: Bernardo Provenzano, boss of bosses of Cosa Nostra, publish his annual report.

…this is what the people think about Italy…this is our reputation abroad…and don’t say it…I’m so sorry…often it isn’t just a stereotype.

The italian version of the Provenzano’s annual report. 

A capo’s annual report

From The Economist print edition

Signore, signori

I am pleased to report another year of progress for your—that is, our—corporation. Significant milestones included my 80th birthday, the 40th anniversary of my decision to go on the run and the tenth anniversary of the arrest of my predecessor, Salvatore “Shorty” Riina. It is a good moment to look back at developments since his “early retirement”. Some people say that Shorty overreached himself in taking on the Italian state, killing judges and bombing the mainland. They say, if only the authorities had caught up with Shorty earlier, we’d have been saved a lot of trouble. But I say: “To err is human; to forgive, divine”.

The pillars of our policy since Shorty’s arrest have been a lower media profile and renewed concentration on core businesses. What we do best is to sell insurance (from ourselves). I decided to lower premiums to raise market share. Ten years on, demand for our discreetly, if persuasively, marketed “unrefusable offers” has never been stronger. The same can be said of our public-works consultancy, which has striven to achieve full vertical integration, taking profits at every level. We have curbed foreign activities, but profits from sales of drugs and arms have held up well.

It is in the nature of our business that there is vigorous—indeed homicidal—rivalry between local offices. I made it a priority to minimise needless disputes. The results can be seen in a media profile that would suit a plumbing-accessories manufacturer. In 2003 La Stampa used the words Cosa Nostra 139 times. Ten years earlier, the figure was five times as high. The aim of my “strategy of submersion” was chiefly to lull our opponents into a false sense of security, so improving the business environment for our future growth. As evidence of our success, I note that the Italian parliament’s anti-Mafia commission has not visited Palermo in the past three years.

The government of Silvio Berlusconi, whose Forza Italia party won all 61 seats in Sicily in 2001, has not, regrettably, fulfilled all the high hopes we had for it. It has not repealed the strict “involuntary vacation” regime for many of our employees. However, the prime minister, who has problems of his own with the law, has made certain changes that benefit us. Our treasury and acquisitions departments report that it is far easier to launder profits and set up bogus corporate vehicles now that the government has decriminalised false accounting. And Mr Berlusconi’s hostile attitude has helped to undermine the judiciary, not least among any of our employees who might be tempted to betray our secrets.

Going forward, we face challenges. One is to find a way to profit from EU-funded contracts that have conditions attached seeking to block our involvement. Another is our excessive dependence on the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta for wholesale cocaine supplies. But the biggest test of all is to maintain our brand’s reputation. Most people know that Sicily’s Mafia is the real Mafia. But our low profile could yet lull potential customers into thinking we are harmless. If the staff lose the habit of murdering and torturing, they might even be proved right. Your board is working on solutions to this problem. Meanwhile, healthy cashflow, negligible publicity and rising apathy all give hope of a prosperous future.

As in previous years, we shall not be making donations to charity.

Bernardo Provenzano

Boss of Bosses

Low Cost Generation

March 20, 2006

Des lycéens et des lycéennes bloquent l'accès au lycée Jean Perrin à Marseille, lundi 20 mars. | AFP/GERARD JULIENCPE (Contrat Premier Embauche) is the subject of all conversations in France these days. It is the new solution to create new job and help young people to have the first contract with a companies. Good idea…the Italian politics are expert with this type of solution for hot problems: Co.Co.Co…aahhh…it was the good way to dip Italy in the precarity hell. I want to show something to Mr. Villepin…please, give me just a moment of your time and look the situation of young people in Italy after many years of precarity.

Age and salary (from 17 to 40 years old)

Salary trend for people under 30 with degree

And, if it is too much hard to read and compare data, let me to help you. Here an image that show the annual gross wages in Europe. With colors is much better, it isn’t??? 😉

And now, for the multimedia and fun section…some episodes of “Les Guignols” about CPE.







“Good night and good luck”


The Election’s Soundtrack

March 16, 2006

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The 2006 election compilation is ready…the happiness for your mp3 player!!! 😉

We are in the Podocast years and I ask me what could be the soundtrack of this election 2006. So I started to search on Internet, and the Yahoo! audio search gives me the ansewer. It’s incredible how many files and good songs can narrate this event; and it is more incredible that a lot of these songs have been written some years ago and they are still adapted to describe the present time.
Here a high quality selection:

Quando penso a Berlusconi (Roberto Benigni) ==> THE BEST

Un Grillo per la testa (Leo Pari & Simone Cristicchi)

Quarant’anni (Lives – Modena City Ramblers and Paolo Rossi)

Era meglio morire da piccoli (Paolo Rossi)

Voglio diventare come Berlusconi (Baccini)

Ti raserò l’Iraq (Rete svizzera tre)

Berlusca Disco Dance (Tatanka)

Non sopporto i Berlusconi (Vittorio Merlo)

Inno Forza Italia (GemBoy)

Have you fun!!!


WEB: Internet Power vs. Berlusconi

March 14, 2006

The Internet power is that you can choose. Yes! The liberty to choose what you want to see, to listen, to read…you can make your information. Obviously, the Internet doesn’t have an impact on the mass like television but if you are reading these words you can CHOOSE!!!

I propose everybody a little experiment…make your film on Berlusconi and you can discover your truth, that is the REAL TRUTH!

Where can you start your experience like film director??? Trivial…from Google. You can find video like this that show a discussion between Berlusconi and a German minister at the European parliament.

.The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors..

…and your exprience can continue looking other videos on the lovely Silvio. Tape “Berlusconi” on Google video or Yahoo! video and make your film. Here just a selction of them.

A letter to Berlusconi by journalist Enzo Biagi

View video detailsA documentary in english, from PBS, in the “Wide Angle” emission, USA


An interview to Marco Travaglio: All you want to know about Berlusconi

…and more over.

Now that you understood the methode you can try by yourself to find the Truth on Berslusca. After just make 1 + 1 and you will find for who you will vote.

PS: I hope that you know that what there is written above is not the truth…it is MY truth 🙂 …We are in the information millennium…and you still belive to the information! 😉

WEB: Berlusgoogle!!!

March 10, 2006

ooo google.gif ooo
“It’s the first web-engine that think like Berlusconi and reply like Berlusconi do!”

It is similar the most famous Google, the graphic it’s just a remake, but if you look attantively (like the button “Find in Porta a Porta”) there is no doubts: it is the Berlusconi’s Google. You can find all the restyled picture on the Prime Italian Minister and evrithing about him.

I think that google.gif is a clear example that show you how the information can be manipulated…it’s so simple and you will see: try to find the word “comunisti” with berlusgoogle and you will obtain the Financial Times homepage, the real communist for Berlusconi. It’s true…the machine thinks like Silvio!!!!!

So, the next time that you keep information from somewhere, ask yourself if it’s real information.

We are in the 2006 and you still believe to every things the television says???


ESTERI: Le Guignols adorano il berlusca

March 8, 2006

guignols1.jpg Cominciamo questa serie di estratti sul Berlusca con la serie televisiva più famosa in Francia: “Les Guignols”. Vi passo il link del blog con le relative puntate che parlano di Silvio.

votez.jpg   Il virus dei polli

milan.jpg  Berlusconi consigliere di Sarkozi
(Il video è da morir dal ridere…anche per chi non mastica il francese)

Il vostro inviato all’estero,