WEB: Berlusgoogle!!!

ooo google.gif ooo
“It’s the first web-engine that think like Berlusconi and reply like Berlusconi do!”

It is similar the most famous Google, the graphic it’s just a remake, but if you look attantively (like the button “Find in Porta a Porta”) there is no doubts: it is the Berlusconi’s Google. You can find all the restyled picture on the Prime Italian Minister and evrithing about him.

I think that google.gif is a clear example that show you how the information can be manipulated…it’s so simple and you will see: try to find the word “comunisti” with berlusgoogle and you will obtain the Financial Times homepage, the real communist for Berlusconi. It’s true…the machine thinks like Silvio!!!!!

So, the next time that you keep information from somewhere, ask yourself if it’s real information.

We are in the 2006 and you still believe to every things the television says???



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