WEB: Internet Power vs. Berlusconi

The Internet power is that you can choose. Yes! The liberty to choose what you want to see, to listen, to read…you can make your information. Obviously, the Internet doesn’t have an impact on the mass like television but if you are reading these words you can CHOOSE!!!

I propose everybody a little experiment…make your film on Berlusconi and you can discover your truth, that is the REAL TRUTH!

Where can you start your experience like film director??? Trivial…from Google. You can find video like this that show a discussion between Berlusconi and a German minister at the European parliament.

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…and your exprience can continue looking other videos on the lovely Silvio. Tape “Berlusconi” on Google video or Yahoo! video and make your film. Here just a selction of them.

A letter to Berlusconi by journalist Enzo Biagi

View video detailsA documentary in english, from PBS, in the “Wide Angle” emission, USA


An interview to Marco Travaglio: All you want to know about Berlusconi

…and more over.

Now that you understood the methode you can try by yourself to find the Truth on Berslusca. After just make 1 + 1 and you will find for who you will vote.

PS: I hope that you know that what there is written above is not the truth…it is MY truth 🙂 …We are in the information millennium…and you still belive to the information! 😉


One Response to WEB: Internet Power vs. Berlusconi

  1. Api says:

    Ciao Luca, mi piace il tuo blog, spero di contribuire al più presto.

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