The Election’s Soundtrack

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The 2006 election compilation is ready…the happiness for your mp3 player!!! 😉

We are in the Podocast years and I ask me what could be the soundtrack of this election 2006. So I started to search on Internet, and the Yahoo! audio search gives me the ansewer. It’s incredible how many files and good songs can narrate this event; and it is more incredible that a lot of these songs have been written some years ago and they are still adapted to describe the present time.
Here a high quality selection:

Quando penso a Berlusconi (Roberto Benigni) ==> THE BEST

Un Grillo per la testa (Leo Pari & Simone Cristicchi)

Quarant’anni (Lives – Modena City Ramblers and Paolo Rossi)

Era meglio morire da piccoli (Paolo Rossi)

Voglio diventare come Berlusconi (Baccini)

Ti raserò l’Iraq (Rete svizzera tre)

Berlusca Disco Dance (Tatanka)

Non sopporto i Berlusconi (Vittorio Merlo)

Inno Forza Italia (GemBoy)

Have you fun!!!



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