Low Cost Generation

Des lycéens et des lycéennes bloquent l'accès au lycée Jean Perrin à Marseille, lundi 20 mars. | AFP/GERARD JULIENCPE (Contrat Premier Embauche) is the subject of all conversations in France these days. It is the new solution to create new job and help young people to have the first contract with a companies. Good idea…the Italian politics are expert with this type of solution for hot problems: Co.Co.Co…aahhh…it was the good way to dip Italy in the precarity hell. I want to show something to Mr. Villepin…please, give me just a moment of your time and look the situation of young people in Italy after many years of precarity.

Age and salary (from 17 to 40 years old)

Salary trend for people under 30 with degree

And, if it is too much hard to read and compare data, let me to help you. Here an image that show the annual gross wages in Europe. With colors is much better, it isn’t??? 😉

And now, for the multimedia and fun section…some episodes of “Les Guignols” about CPE.







“Good night and good luck”



2 Responses to Low Cost Generation

  1. Andrea says:

    Cool blog!
    Is there any way to get in touch with Valerika D.?
    She was a friend of mine probably more than 10 years ago, I’d like to hear some news from her.
    I’m living in U.S. now!the keyword to be recognized is “Paignton 1990”
    BUCK FUSH!!!!

  2. valerika darasteanu says:

    who are you sunshine?
    Are you from Milan then?
    I was down in Paignton in 1991 and Torquay in 1993.
    now I am really curious!

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