Enrich Uranium makes the world poor

Sincerely I'm not an expert of this critic situation and I can't say who is the devil and who is the angel. However, like Cartesio said, "cogito ergo sum", I don't like this situation. The newspapers, today, speak about a WAR…another WAR that I haven't asked and that I don't wont!

In this business conflict, my security, my tranquillity and my life are in danger…and I have just a question, only a question for the BIGS of this world, that is mine too:

Which nuclear bomb is better???

I know what will be my response to this question…and you? Find the right answer, before to be too late…

The critic situation is clear in these images…and I don't wont to add anymore (I will not be able!!!)…I wont just to give you a good link, where I found these images: www.cagle.com

Professional Cartoonists Index Main Page


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