The Italian elections’ miracle

Some days ago, before the Italian elections, this blog has spoken about the political influence on the information and as the information is deformed by political pressures like the elimination of NOT WANTED journalists and show-man: Santoro, Biagi, Luttazzi, S.Guzzanti, Benigni, Celentano, Grillo…

<B>Santoro, slitta il ritorno in tv<br>The miracle has happened: the Passover…oups…the elections has revived some of them…Is it just a coincidence?

Santoro is preparing a program that will be transmitted in September "Annozero" and I saw Biagi in the F.Fazio's emission "CheTempoCheFa"!!!

I hope that it is a good signal…but I'm not sure…if we reason more about, Santoro and Biagi come back thanks to political pressures…so the politic continues to influence information.

Nothing is changed!?!?!

I dream of a free information and I hope that this is the good way…however I remain supervising.

Open your eyes !!!

PS (Coincidences&Coincidences): Do you think truly that the capture of Provenzano is only a coincidence?

Clip 1

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 2




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