Young Berlusconi Grow

If the Italians think that they are the only lucky people to having a personage like Berlusconi they are wrong because in French there is a new entry in the crazy political word: Nicolas Sarkozy…the affinity number between Sarkozy and the well-know Italian dwarf is incredible.

Who is Sarkozy:

Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sárközy de Nagy-Bócsa (born 28 January 1955, in Paris, 17th arrondissement), simply known as Nicolas Sarkozy, is a conservative French politician. He is nicknamed Sarko by both his supporters and his opponents; this nickname is never used in any official context but is often used in left-wing newspapers such as " Le Canard Enchaîné" or "Libération" (and it's one of the meta tags used by the UMP website to be reached by search engines's web crawlers).

While his supporters emphasise his charisma, strong leadership qualities, and his many innovative initiatives, Sarkozy's opponents see him as populist, careerist, and authoritarian for his "law and order" policies; in addition, his departures from traditional French values in favour of American-style economic reforms have been opposed by those who dislike laissez-faire economics.

Video Court-metrage – monsieur N (French)

It's incredible…also sarko is a dwarf like Berlusconi!!!!!!!!

Video High like 3 apples

The Sarko-Berlusca Game:
Look the videos about Sarkozy (above) and the videos about Berlusca (that you can find in this blog) and discover the 100 differences between the two political can won many prizes!!!



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