Enrich Uranium makes the world poor

April 18, 2006

Sincerely I'm not an expert of this critic situation and I can't say who is the devil and who is the angel. However, like Cartesio said, "cogito ergo sum", I don't like this situation. The newspapers, today, speak about a WAR…another WAR that I haven't asked and that I don't wont!

In this business conflict, my security, my tranquillity and my life are in danger…and I have just a question, only a question for the BIGS of this world, that is mine too:

Which nuclear bomb is better???

I know what will be my response to this question…and you? Find the right answer, before to be too late…

The critic situation is clear in these images…and I don't wont to add anymore (I will not be able!!!)…I wont just to give you a good link, where I found these images: www.cagle.com

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Low Cost Generation

March 20, 2006

Des lycéens et des lycéennes bloquent l'accès au lycée Jean Perrin à Marseille, lundi 20 mars. | AFP/GERARD JULIENCPE (Contrat Premier Embauche) is the subject of all conversations in France these days. It is the new solution to create new job and help young people to have the first contract with a companies. Good idea…the Italian politics are expert with this type of solution for hot problems: Co.Co.Co…aahhh…it was the good way to dip Italy in the precarity hell. I want to show something to Mr. Villepin…please, give me just a moment of your time and look the situation of young people in Italy after many years of precarity.

Age and salary (from 17 to 40 years old)

Salary trend for people under 30 with degree

And, if it is too much hard to read and compare data, let me to help you. Here an image that show the annual gross wages in Europe. With colors is much better, it isn’t??? 😉

And now, for the multimedia and fun section…some episodes of “Les Guignols” about CPE.







“Good night and good luck”


One hundred steps…

March 6, 2006

i cento passiI want to promote a good initiative of the University of Lecce that has created, the first university course of legislation anti-mafia. 150 students have attempted this course, students that don’t forget Falcone and Borsellino judges, dead for the liberty of our country (clik here to read the relative article in italian).

An excellent non typical “mafia movie”…

“I cento passi” (one hundred steps), was the distance between the Impastatos’ house and the house of Tano Badalamenti, an important Mafia boss, in the small Sicilian town of Cinisi. The movie is the story of Peppino Impastato, a young left-wing activist that in the late seventies (when almost nobody dared to speak about Mafia, and several politicians maintained that Mafia did not even exist) repeatedly denounced Badalamenti crimes and the whole Mafia system using a small local radio station, with the arm of irony. In 1978 Peppino (30 years old) was killed by an explosion. The police archived the case as an accident or a suicide, but his friends never accepted this thesis. This is a true story!

Benvenuti – Bienvenue – Welcome

June 18, 2005

Welcome everybody,
this is my first message just to say hello.
As you can say from message’s title, this is a multilanguage blog.
You can write or reply in your favourite language.

See you around.